“Invasion” by High Arctic

High Arctic took something of a hiatus for a couple of years, but they are back!  “Invasion” is a mini-epic of post-rock exploration, but ’70s throw-back elements abound.

The track is included in ‘Victoria’s Secret 2019’ compilation.


“Crossroads” by L.L

L.L (also known as CFUV’s Fiji Mermaid) provides a minimalist work of experimentation with violin. Fascinating. A great entry in the ‘Victoria’s Secret 2019’ compilation.

“You’re on Your Own” by Winnie Richards

Winnie Richards presents an emotionally charged and powerful tune, that overwhelms like a relentless wave. Melodically sound, the track dares to go deep and dark, with Richards’ seemingly effortless ability to always bring things back into the light with her wispy vocals.

From ‘Victoria’s Secret 2019’ compilation album.