“What the world” by Rooms Formerly I Make Earthquakes

 Co-written with Enzio Verster, “What the world” is a quirky charmer, highlighted by vulnerable vocals.

From the album ‘Don’t Be Yourself’.


Irregular Dreams’ Favourite Videos of 2022

These are our ten favourites of all the videos that have appeared on our pages in 2022:

“Tongues” by Tanya Tagaq

Tagaq’s song about the colonial attempt to extinguish native languages, with potent imagery by Caitlin Veitch.

“Walking Feels Slow” by Eliza Niemi

The strange simplicity of Ali Vanderkruyk’s video perfectly matches the oddly-delivered confessional prose of Eliza Niemi.

“Which Way” by Amai Kuda et Les Bois

In conjunction with Spoof Animation, Amai Kuda creates a somewhat fantastical Africa while depicting its history.

“Turn to Rust” by AUS!Funkt

Prince Amponsah is the star in this grim but stylish look at urban dystopia to the sounds of post-punk despair.

“The Weeping Man” by By Divine Right

The poignant strains of “The Weeping Man” are set against black and white images of the city at dusk, with some of the most imaginative uses of stop-motion we’ve ever seen.

“Carnival of The Ghosts” by Kobo Town

Mariano Franco’s video gets increasingly fanciful (and animated) as the calypso-rock of Kobo Town rolls on.

“God Complex” by Gentle Party

The experimental chamber pop of Gentle Party is treated to some truly inventive animation by Eva Dominelli.

“Tourist Town” by JP Lancaster and Jared Jackel’s Bad Vibrations

90’s CGI is a good choice of aesthetic for the warped tune by JP Lancaster and Jared Jackel.

“Chattels” by Brava Kilo and Annie Sumi

Chattels is in reference to the personal items confiscated from Japanese/Canadians entering internment camps. Part of the art project ‘Kintsugi’ by Brian Kobayakawa (Brava Kilo) and Annie Sumi.

“Natural” by 36?

Probably the weirdest video of the year, and that is really saying something.

Irregular Dreams’ Best Songs of the Month: December

Our ten favourite tracks right now:

“High Five” by Abby Sage

“All the Queen’s Men” by Private Lives

“New Kind of Summer of Love” by Spencer Krug

“Power” by Broken Egg

“North Battleford” by Bright Boy

“The Mute” by DA’AT

“Pull Me Up” by Dumb

“High Road” by Diamondtown

“Waste of Crime” by American Lips

“9 to 5” to Joyeria