“Ghosts” by Only a Visitor


“Ghosts” is an homage to ghost towns in British Columbia, inspired by songwriter Robyn Jacob’s own family encounters with ghosts of the past.

“It led me to research more about the history of Chinese immigration to Canada, specifically Western Canada, and how racist government policies broke up families, and how that has affected the community today,” she says.

Filmed by Julia Hutchings, the video features interpretive dance by Maya Tenzer and Ria Girard.


“After You” by SICK BOSS

This concealed experimental fusion picturesque vista, a breathing growing entity of balanced guitar, bass and drums, elegant cello, full-bodied Hammond B3 organ, grand trumpet and rich clarinet and bass clarinet, has finally come forth from the sessions of creative jazz rock collective SICK BOSS’s 2017 self-titled debut album.

A Chat With Phono Pony

Interview by Mark Anthony Brennan

phono ponny
Phono Pony are Vancouver’s Michael Kenyon and Shay Hayashi.


Was there a theme behind the album ‘Monkey Paw’?


For Monkey Paw the main themes are loneliness and conformity, and finding yourself within that. 

Do you have more music in the works?


We’ve finished most of the next album.


We need to trim the fat. We want the songs to be a bit more fluid than on the last album. I think we’ve found our sound a bit better. 


We’ve been listening to our fans. So we take what our fans like from us and try to make something we’re happy with. Music we can share with people that having been coming out to our shows and supporting us.


Not necessarily a concept album. Something cohesive without the glue.


There’s going to be a difference both in the writing and the recording. This will be mostly recorded “live” off the floor.