“Grey In The Face” by Revered

Wrapped in a glossy pop package, “Grey In The Face” is actually another wild experiment from Emmett Hall (with guitar by Ken Lawson). Fun and crazy stuff.



“52 Elephants” by Land Line

There are throwback elements to “52 Elephants” (think ’80s wave) but the main vibe is one of a restlessness to explore beyond past paradigms, as the track hits surprisingly noisy crescendos in its avant-prog trajectory.

Premiere: “Kingdom Went” by Ilya Krivo



We are pleased to present to premiere of “Kingdom Went” by Ilya Krivo (now based in Vancouver).

A unique work of experiment folk, “Kingdom Went” is an epic allegory; a concept album about the human condition amidst war and religion, family history and immigration, love and misanthropy, and achievements and failures in acquiring knowledge and understanding.