“Qamphyre” by Spume/”Dark City Highway” by Mind Thief


Two shots from the same individual: Jakob Rehlinger. Spume is atmospheric ambience, whereas Mind Thief is futurepop/synthwave.





mind thief


Myth – Wild (Video)

By Scott Gray

One of the fiercest new rappers on the Canadian scene breathes a mouthful of fire in the appropriately titled “Wild”. Myth bristles with personality as she drops nuanced barbs of earned hubris over seriously dank beats while grooving through Toronto streets made as subtly psychedelic as her impressive production.

“War” by Subterranea

A fearsome nightmare fantasy crafted from the murky essence of progressive metal, doom metal and epic metal souls. Subterranea commands the fearmongering hordes of seductive operatic sirens and a massive string-welding warrior, Robbie DevouringSaturn of Toronto prog metal band Devouring Saturn, to realize their dark conquest of the surface world from their underground lair.