“Ayeeyo’s Intro / Can you feel my rage?” by Obuxum

In “Ayeeyo’s Intro / Can you feel my rage?” Toronto’s Obuxum uses a soulful house beat and looped narration explaining the gender-based violence that women face in Somalia.




“Live Modular Mini-Set at Frequency Freaks (2019-07-20)” by Mike Barber

Spelunk through an ambient futuristic subterranean era, surrounded by the subtle crispy water droplets in tunnel vision, pulses of low frequency void spheres, shocks of noise energy pocket, low hums of sleeping circuitry, and distant sounds of a city lost to time. This experimental electronic improvisation was performed live by Mike Barber entirely on modular synthesizer at a Frequency Freaks event in Toronto, Ontario, in July 2019.

“w̷E̵ ̷a̴R̸E̶ ̸n̸O̴W̶ ̸o̸N̸E̵ ̵w̵I̴T̴H̸ ̸t̶H̶E̸ ̷u̴N̸I̷V̷E̶R̸S̸E̴” by Dusts of Binary

Arrhythmic plosive clocks oozing and spitting out tunings from the noise-ambient fissure that cracking space and pulverizing time into complex fragments… One of many plausible observations that could be deduced from hearing DustBin’s latest experimental study into Post Binary application on music.

What does Post Binary mean? Dusts of Binary explains over on Splendid Industries.

“Pure Percussion Trio” by Meghan Chamberlain, Luyos MaryCarl & Razak Pirani

Three talented percussionists of distinctive music and cultural backgrounds, with instruments of unique aural pallets, united as the Pure Percussion Trio at A World Away Indie Music Festival 2019 in Toronto this past May. In a live recorded session at Revolution Recording, Razak Pirani (tabla), Meghan Chamerlain (found instruments) and Luyos MaryCarl (Lumad kulintang) crafted harmonious, intriguing, eclectic miniature works and performed them in tandem. They showcase the brilliance of each musician and their instrument, and how well they all work together in this congregation of sonic cross-pollination.