Irregular Dreams’ Best Songs: May

These are our ten fave tracks right now:

“George Thorogood” by Grimelda

“Everything Where It Should Be” by The Holy Gasp

“Slouching Toward Bethlehem” by Devon Church

“Tiny Devil” by divorcer

“Play” by Fang and the Toe Beans

“Piccolo Lina” by God’s Mom

“The One” by Caveman & The Banshee

“Waiting For The Light To Quit” by ALL HANDS_MAKE LIGHT

“Mom Jeans/Mom Genes” by miesha & the spanks

“Learning to Say No” by Valiska


Irregular Dreams’ Best Songs of July

These are our ten favourite tunes right now:

“On fera la fête” by Marie-Clo x éemi

“Glimpse” by Dead Soft

“Give Me Fun” by Ausfunkt

“Peace of Mind” by Praises

“Progress” by TOVI

“Surfin’ Iona” by Night Court

“Passe​-​moé un Québec” by Barry Paquin Roberge

“Blue Juniper” by The Sylvia Platters

“Lalala (Want Somebody)” by TDJ

“Never Been” by Darkometro

Irregular Dreams’ Best Songs of June

These are our ten favourite tunes right now:

“Mirror” by Russell Louder

“Be Nice to Everyone You Meet” by The Moneygoround

“No Sun” by The Dog Indiana

“Wet Streets” by FICMARO

“Tu as tellement changé (ft. Les Deuxluxes)” by Larynx

“White Noise” by Dried Out

“Bath With Friends” by Dump Babes

“La poudre aux yeux” by Lisa LeBlanc

“Solipsism” by Dual Nature

“Impress Your Neighbours” by Susans