“Le Reflet de tes Lunettes” by Douleur Fantome

Serpentine and mercurial, Douleur Fantome channels perfumes and vapes that consumes you with ominously seduction and busts with perpetual obscurity in this delicious darkwave synth punk spell. Beware what you see when you become entranced by the reflection of your glasses.

“Le Reflet de tes Lunettes” is on Douleur Fantome’s 2019 EP, Foi et Travail, available on Bandcamp.


“How To Kill” by CIRKUS

Time to attend a master class in “How To Kill”, a steady gorgeous ballad of symphonic progressive rock with bold poignant impressive instrumental arrangements infused with realized pathos and destiny-defining confessions.

“How To Kill” is the opening track to CIRKUS’s new album, VOODOOLAND, available on Bandcamp.

“Let Us Go” by Pascale Project


Montreal electronic artist Pascale Project serves up great lashings of underground techno and house.

“I really wanted to make good club track,” she says, “I was listening to a lot to “The Watergate Files” by Kerri Chandler when I made it. I had written down the title way before making the track, so it had to be a powerful one, something that carries a message to the people when they’re dancing. It’s a reminder to yourself; don’t forget who you are and have a good time, just forget the outside world and enjoy this moment, respect yourself and everybody else.”