“arm & hammer” by maxime.

Self-contained artist Maxime Trippenbach (simply known as maxime.) presents highly individually-styled avant pop. “arm & hammer” demonstrates the attraction in its idiosyncratic delivery.


“Kurt” by Curl


The 2-man wrecking crew of Brandon Turner and Andrew Lacelle (aka Curl) assault own ears again, with just enough navel-gazing self-reflection to make it irresistible.

“Snowflakes on My Eyelashes” by Francine Honey

A beautiful video to the haunting song “Snowflakes on My Eyelashes”.


“I was visiting my Grandmama’s grave in January when I was a teen. I used to wear large glasses. It started to snow and somehow two huge snowflakes found their way onto my eyelash. Since then, I have always believed that a snowflake on my eyelash is a kiss falling from heaven. Thanks to Beth Nielsen Chapman for adding her beautiful voce to this song.”

– Francine Honey