“Namesake” by David Stone

Barrie, ON’s David Stone presents a low-key folk tune, riddled with subtle complexities and powered by lyrics that defy the “song/ditty” format:

“If I close my eyes, it’s 1995, your answering machine couldn’t come at worse time. Grey carpet stairs, dust suspended in a solar-flare, I’m on a flickering signal, broadcasting from nowhere.”


“Reverse Waterfall / Cakefcker / Ratking (LIVE)” by Astrolope

Astrolope is manic dual synth/drum-operating scientist Paul Geldart, member of Other Families and Waxlimbs. He throws down his own coral reefs of vibrant electronica and cathartic drum kit hysteria, bursting his boiling point a few times, throughout this live session video of three intricate interconnect concoctions, cast under a geometric square halo. An impressionable sonorous beast, tilting on the fluid spectrum between Jekyll and Hyde, and so irresistibly captivating for it!

“Distant Friend” by G. Michael Thomas

Have you ever heard of a unrequited love song from the perspective of
an alien visitor? Eclectic runk singer-songwriter G. Michael Thomas gives us that thematic song with yearning cries over a spirited mellow 80s electropop chillwave basis, under his main musical persona Markoa.

“Distant Friend” appears on Love Bite, available PWYC on Bandcamp.

Upcoming Performance Dates:
June 20: Guelph, ON @ ANAF Club 344 – 3 Nines & SMK Presents: Berry Wall | G. Michael Thomas | Mouthfeel | NAVI