“everybody wants to love me” by Cedric Noel

Montreal’s Cedric Noel strikes a sombre/sweet note on “everybody wants to love me”. Presented in a minimalist package, it’s a small gem of quirky individualism.

Aquarius Dreams – This Way

Henri Joseph sings to us so tenderly and romantically of past inward struggles and future flourishing hopes in this ballad of chill psychedelic dreamfolk. With a smooth golden voice of pathos and thought, the video depicts Joesph in a introspective soliloquy, shedding self-hindering baggage, letting his hair down, and moving to his true honest image.

“This Way” can be found on Aquarius Dreams’ Bandcamp.

“Dis-Moi” by Maryze

With homage to horror director  Dario Argento, Montreal’s Maryse presents a gauzy visualization of her track “Dis-Moi”.

“We shot the video on a freezing night in Toronto under pink neons – it already kind of felt like a delirious dream” explains Maryze. “‘Dis-Moi’ is about wanting to open up to the people we love about our demons, but worrying it will be too heavy for them.”