“Bored” by Red Mass

What do you do when you’re bored? Well, Red Mass works out their ya-ya’s going just nuts all over a real garagey punk song.


“Take Care” by Mauno

One of our favourites bands, Mauno, put out a video, as band members Nick Everett and Eliza Niemi get a surprise while delivering parcels. As directed by Max Taeuschel, it can be jarring and surprising, much like the band’s music.

“Take Care” is a play on words,” says Niemi, “it’s about caregiving as a woman, and also about saying goodbye. It is about filling the role of taking care of someone and self-identifying through that, while simultaneously resenting the expectation of having to do so. The chorus begins hinting at waiting for a relationship to finally feel reciprocal, and ends with the reveal of me actually waiting for it to fall apart / knowing all along that it was doomed.”