“Chapel of Chimes” by Jom Comyn

Jom Comyn is essentially the alter ego of Edmonton’s Jim Cuming, although he does recruit the assistance of many Calgary artists, such as Chris Dadge, Samantha Savage Smith, and Chad VanGaalen.  “Chapel of Chimes” is from the latest album ‘Crawl’.


Nicholas’ Personal Best of 2018 – Top 25 EPs

25. Abandoned Life.BC: Abandoned Life (self-released)

24. Fractal Cypher: Prelude To An Impending Outcome (self-released)

23. General Gruff X The Purveyors of Free Will: General Purv (Baffled Octopi Records)

22. Guitar PK: Closing Credits (GPK Recordings)

21. Night Verses: Copper Wasp (self-released)

20. BIRMANI: EP2 (Cuchabata Records)

19. Bastila: Genera (self-released)

18. BLVD NOIR: Ombres (self-released)

17. Shapes by HIGHPARK (Copper Sound Studio)

16. GURTH: Autophage (self-released)

15. Milhouse: Greatest Hits Vol II (self-released)

14. Kerrowood: The Colour Mood (self-released)

13. nehiyawak: Starlight (Arts & Crafts Productions)

12. Sweet Toothe: Sweet Toothe Debut EP (self-released)

11. Piines: The White Side (self-released)

10. Wangled Teb: Earth (Robot Hunter Records)

9. Too Attached: Angry (self-released)

8. Clara Engel: A Shore For From Any Prison (self-released)

7. That Joe Payne: What Is The World Coming To (self-released)

6. Darkroom: paradise yard (self-released)

5. Dru Jacey: There it was; where it goes – DEMO (self-released)

4. Edelveiss: Skull | Jaw | Hook (self-released)

3. Future Peers: I’m Sorry (Garment District Records)

2. Devouring Saturn: Of Light | Of Dark (self-released)

1. Ostrich Bouquet: Perennial (self-released)

Honourable Mentions:
Dead Tooth: Still Beats (Five Kill Records) | Fog Lake: carousel (self-released) | Fusilier: Duty (Brassland) | Jarouse: My Aggression (self-released) | Jaunt: Cue (self-released) | Mythless: Patience Hell (Joyful Noise Recordings) | Pantomime: Cosmic Joke (self-released)