Colliding Canyons – Desert Roads

The true revolving spectacle comes from the intrinsic ripples dancing and swirling upon the seemingly desolate yet transfixing horizon. Colliding Canyons romanticizes the loss of and search for dreams and beauty in this post-apocalyptic post-rock soundtrack.

‘Of Dreams Assured Ltd.’ is available now via NoiseAgonyMayhem Records, and can be found via Bandcamp.

suffer fools – when i was a monster

Vancouver Island has a rising thrash trapgaze messiah on their hands: debbie debased as suffer fools. when i was a monster is their “apocalyptic glam rock acid flashback,” cross-stitching growling power-heavy guitar riffs and crackling pulsating beats together to contemplate their former self. Scenes of frightening creatures, screaming peoples and strange forms flash with rose-red splash waves to heighten the song’s intensity and theatricality.

This song appears on suffer fools’ third two-song release i’amaclicheblues // when i was a monster on Bandcamp. Their debut full-length album is planed for a 2020 release.

The Golden Age of Wrestling – Nevada

It is time for a fabulous shiny motor journey across the vast highways and into the desert with ‘Nevada’, the second single released by The Golden Age of Wrestling, the new electronic ambient sparkling gold persona for Vancouver queer electronica artist Jeff Cancade / Devours. Glambient is a ravishing description of what Jeff creates with this persona: mesmerizing gorgeous energized instrumental dream music.

Find the music of The Golden Age of Wrestling on Bandcamp.

Nicholas’ Personal Best of 2019 – Top 20 Albums

Kitzl – 40 Moons That We Know Of [self-released]

Bombnivours – Metamorphonic [self-released]

Waxlimbs – The Autumn Bell [self-released]

Iamthemorning – The Bell [Kscope]

Mappe Of – The Isle of Ailynn [Paper Bag Records]

MIMICO – Hi-Action [Hand Drawn Dracula]

Devours – Iconoclast [Artoffact Records]

Clara Engel – Where a City Once Drowned: The Bethlehem Tapes Vol. II [self-released]

Most People – Call Me Up [self-released]

A Formal Horse – Here Comes A Man From The Council With A Flamethrower [self-released]

Mark Wylie – Moments [self-released]

Bent Knee – You Know What They Mean [Inside Out Music]

Bleu Nuit – Le jardin des mémoires [Michel Records]

Flore Laurentienne – Vol 1 [Costume Records]

Angel Bat Dawid – The Oracle [International Anthem]

Hymns57 – Peyote Road Burn [self-released]

Eric Thorfinnson – Qwag [self-released]

Warez – Warez [self-released]

Organ Mood – Indivisible [Dare To Care Records]

Courtney Swain – Between Blood and Ocean [self-released]

Honourable Mentions: nêhiyawak – nipiy [Arts & Crafts] / Archipelago – Archipelago [s/r] / Eine Kleine China – User Illusion II [Boat Dreams From The Hill] / Sunglaciers – Foreign Bodies [s/r] / The Moon Runners – Wakeless 2096 [s/r] / Sarah Pagé – Dose Curves [Forward Music Group] / Colliding Canyons – Desert Ballads [s/r] / Comedy For Airports – Ambient 1: Comedy for Airports [s/r] / Matmos – Plastic Anniversary [Thrill Jockey] / Darkroom – The Noise Is Unrest [s/r]

NOTE: This list is in nonhierarchical order 😉 ❤

Nicholas’ Personal Best of 2019 – Top 20 Singles

Faunts – There Will be Blood

That Joe Payne – End of the Tunnel

Renard Blanc – Feu Sacré


Dog Drive Mantis – Volta

Dévah Quartet – Day Without Dawn

SOMBRA – Casablanka

Bent Knee – Hold Me In

SAGES – Until Now

Iamthemorning – Song of Psyche

Glutton – Pinhole

Isla Den – Navi.6

Devours – Garnet Graves

Waxlimbs – After the Wreak

Bonnie Trash – Shades of You

SICK BOSS – After you

GelaX – Life

JESSA – Simple Little Song

yoo doo right – The Moral Compass of a Self-Driving Car

Most People – Leavin’ It All Behind

Honourable Mentions: Warez – Stupid / Apollo Suns – Silver Gloves / The Moon Runners – danceboy.exe / Darkroom – Serenade / Bleu Nuit – Le même discours / iskwē – Little Star / Gallus Mag – Drag / Fifth Species – Tub / Midas Fall – Blink / suffer fools – bourgeois death

NOTE: This list is in nonhierarchical order 😉 ❤

Nicholas’ Personal Best of 2019 – Top 20 Music Videos


GelaX – Life

MIMICO – Common Tar

Bent Knee – Hold Me In

Most People – Leavin’ It All Behind

Kitzl – Wizard Girls

Iamthemorning – Song of Psyche

Organ Mood – Verde brillante

iskwē – Little Star

Bonnie Trash – Shades of You

Romshii ft. SAGES – All Of My Heart

JOYFULTALK – Peace Fight

Bāsal – A Brief InnerMission

Dog Drive Mantis – Volta

Devours – Garnet Graves

Alex K Redfearn and the Eyesores – Bat Living In My Room

Orville Peak – Hope To Die

JEROBOAM – Myriad Ways

Pick a Piper – Sentience

Steven Wilson – Song of Unborn

Honourable Mentions: The Waverlys – Dark River / Courtney Swain – Sweet Snow / Glass Armour – Wishful / L CON – Believe / Motherhood – #224 / Corridor – Topographe / Devin Townsend – Genesis / SUNDIVER – Cat In A Box / Sarah Pagé – Stasis / Bleu Nuit – Trou Noir

NOTE: This list is in nonhierarchical order 😉 ❤

“Oh No The Drums (feat. Vivek Shraya)” by Shamik

Shamik pulls together an exuberant electronic beat track sweeping and fluttering with the mystic wonders of Bollywood, sampling “Kamma Kara Yoram” by popular Indian playback singers K. S. Chithra and Malaysia Vasudevan, and features new vocals by his sister and Too Attached partner Vivek Shraya.

This track is featured on Shamik’s new album, CI3, available PWYC on Bandcamp.

Interview with Mike Isacson of Crashing Into Things

Interview by Mark Anthony Brennan

Crashing Into Things is an art/garage band from Victoria. Isacson is the singer, bass player and primary songwriter. The EP ‘Smaller Than Death’ is their latest release.


If someone was to ask what Crashing Into Things is about, what you say?

Working class art rock. The words should be poetry, the music should groove, and hopefully it all has some usefulness to the world beyond making money and feeding our stupid egos. Neither of which happens much, so our plan must be working.

The new album has a definite theme, despite being put together over a period of time. Can you comment?

The central theme is facing our mortality. I developed some health issues while my friend and bandmate Mihkel Kaup’s longstanding heart problems were worsening, finally leading to him receiving a heart transplant last November (he recorded his parts for the album when he snuck back home from Vancouver for Christmas against doctor’s orders). Only the last song, “The Show,” was created entirely within that period, but all the songs reference our mortality in one way or another, and ripened around the same time.

What’s the craziest show you’ve ever played as Crashing Into Things?

Probably playing on a flat deck trailer in the middle of a BMX rally on Pender Island. The Gulf Island shows are always interesting, we love them.

You have a rather unique vocal style. Did you develop it or is that simply your natural singing voice?

I just sing the songs like I hear them in my head. I played with my voice a bit more on this recording than any of the others I think, both in the singing and the recording process, with more overdubbing and effects.

What’s up in 2019 for Crashing Into Things?

The EP was the main thing, it’s our first extended release in over 3 years. We’ve played quite a bit already this year, and have applied for a few festivals. Once we hear back from those we can plan other shows. (We are playing The Loft in Victoria with Standard Issue Pleasure Model March 23rd). And we’re always working on new material.