“Possibility SOUNDEDIT Beck Yourwork” by a toy rabbit

a toy rabbit (aka Jayne Murray) returns with more personally created work of electronica. The oddly titled “Possibility SOUNDEDIT Beck Yourwork” shows of her love of beats — and also her penchant to mess with them.





“Purity I” by Galactic Symphony

Open yourselves to conscious thought and wonderings, inward and beyond… the 6-piece Galactic Symphony cultivate a blossoming of world fusion that transcend known mortal description. Eclectic instrumentation is handled to produce their orchestral bigger-than-life presence, including gongs, various singing bowls and pyramids, guitars, didgeridoo, native flutes, keyboards, percussion, tuning forks and light language/vocals. Mellow washes of reverent vibrations and spiced esoteric cosmic smears create cushioned malleable improvised mist and haze of slow-burning polished transformation and lingering vibrant sustain.

“Truth in the Sea” by Selci

The video to “Truth in the Sea” contains as many contrasting textures as Selci’s song itself. Stark realism blends into softer, earthier tones, then moody darkness explodes into colourful wonder.

As Selci explains, the track and video take on several meanings:

“It’s, in part, about being trapped in a relationship and women being confined throughout history. When I heard the story of the Selkie I thought that the mythology might have been created because of the realities that women faced at that time, and I related it back to what I learned about women in ancient music. If you were a woman that wanted to play music in ancient Greece, you were restricted to certain instruments and to playing at home. Certain genres of music and technical roles in music, while changing, are still very much gendered. 

“I’m also putting a modern spin on the folktale and using the myth as a metaphor for how toxic relationships and society can strive to pull you away from your true nature and creative essence. At times, as an artist, I’ve struggled to reconnect with that essence, and it weighed heavily on me. That essence might be the closest thing to freedom we can find in this life.”