“Friends in Low Places” by TETRIX

Calgary’s TETRIX create their own style of doom psych-country, thanks to gravelly, whiskey-soaked vocals and an accordion on LSD. Here they re-imagine the Garth Brooks hit as the horrific theme song to a new David Lynch movie.

Premiere: “Terracotta” by Saint Idiot

Saint Idiot (Tomáš Andel) graces us with a brand new single, “Terracotta”.  The art pop/experimental track will be featured on the upcoming album, ‘Alternate Utopias from a Nostalgic Future’, a texturally lush vision of a mossy techno-utopia, and an album about healing in an age of hyperindividualism and polarization.

“In the streaming age a lot of us have gotten used to binging,” Andel says, “and so it’s become unnatural for us to step back and ask when we’ve had enough, or, in fact, whether we feel satisfiable in the first place—and it shows in a lot of things.”

“I think that we live in a domination-minded age that’s ceaselessly preoccupied with conquering the next horizon, getting more, more, more, and constantly expanding because we keep painting history as a race against some clock,” Andel says, “and I really want to make people think about growing laterally, with what they have, turning instead to the people around them as partners instead of competition.”


Portrait photographer:  Kelsey McMillan

Video Premiere: “Spell” by Hermitess

The animated “chalk” drawings in the video are indeed spell-binding. Created by Jennifer Crighton herself (aka Calgary’s Hermitess).

“Spell was created during the lockdown. I had originally planned to make a live action dance video for this tune, but given how things went this year I had to change my plans a bit. I asked  friends to send me videos of them dancing, and then I created this animation to conjur the wished-for group dance party that could not have physically happened at the time.”