“Half Smoke” by Walrus

Halifax’s Walrus release a new single “Half Smoke” and recruit none other than Chad VanGaalen to do another of his fantastical animations.

“The ‘Half-Smoke’ video started out as a story about life on the road,” VanGaalen says. “It then quickly derailed into synchronised psychedelic abstractions. I love it when this happens.”

“Half Smoke” will appear on Walrus’s upcoming ‘Cool to You’ album (Oct).


“Pure Percussion Trio” by Meghan Chamberlain, Luyos MaryCarl & Razak Pirani

Three talented percussionists of distinctive music and cultural backgrounds, with instruments of unique aural pallets, united as the Pure Percussion Trio at A World Away Indie Music Festival 2019 in Toronto this past May. In a live recorded session at Revolution Recording, Razak Pirani (tabla), Meghan Chamerlain (found instruments) and Luyos MaryCarl (Lumad kulintang) crafted harmonious, intriguing, eclectic miniature works and performed them in tandem. They showcase the brilliance of each musician and their instrument, and how well they all work together in this congregation of sonic cross-pollination.

Jon Epworth – “Illogical Love” (Video)


Perpetually slept-on mega-talent, Jon Epworth is back with a glorious new solo track after dishing out steaming plates of funk with The Miracle Sweat. “Illogical Love” has more hip-hop swagger than anything else in the soul/rock-leaning Epworth oeuvre, which workers wonderfully with his Aretha Franklin-level soul belting.
In typical Epworth fashion, there isn’t a ton of info to go with the release and accompanying lyric video, but apparently this is from an album we should all be messing ourselves in anticipation for, Hoser Couture.

Post by Trinket Trance


“Monster – Live” by Anthems of the Void

Grab the mesmerizing beast by the horns and be propelled into experimental avant-rock spindrift of Anthems of the Void and their live incantation of “Monster” from the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity. Caylie Staples’ effected vocals are operatic starbursts next to the comets sailing forth from Geoff Gersh’s guitar, and Bradford Reed is the universal force that connects them all with his drums, electronics and his very own grand creation, the pencilina, an electric board zither!

Learn more about the pencilina here: http://pencilina.com/insts.html