“Sentience (feat Sophia Alexandra)” by Pick a Piper

Brad Weber returns as Pick a Piper.

“I’ve been connecting more locally,” says Weber, “exploring the inner workings of Toronto, collaborating with new people and finding inspiration in everyday things. It helped me slow things down and look to create vast, sometimes otherworldly soundscapes.”

Hence the single “Sentience,” which features fellow Toronto artist Sophia Alexandra on vocals.

The video by Toronto musician/videographer Dani Ramez.


“Take Care” by Mauno

One of our favourites bands, Mauno, put out a video, as band members Nick Everett and Eliza Niemi get a surprise while delivering parcels. As directed by Max Taeuschel, it can be jarring and surprising, much like the band’s music.

“Take Care” is a play on words,” says Niemi, “it’s about caregiving as a woman, and also about saying goodbye. It is about filling the role of taking care of someone and self-identifying through that, while simultaneously resenting the expectation of having to do so. The chorus begins hinting at waiting for a relationship to finally feel reciprocal, and ends with the reveal of me actually waiting for it to fall apart / knowing all along that it was doomed.”


“BLUFF” by Ulrike

Pure euphoric computer-generated electronica! Ulrike uses an open sources visual programming language called Pure Data to generate and compose adventurous metamorphic contours that churn and flow over time. Here is one of Ulrike’s sessions, switch between screen recordings of their Pure Data set-up and parameter changes, and them sitting and working by a river… waters cascading onwards like Ulrike’s engaging music.

For more, check out Ulrike’s Bandcamp.

“Inch Worm” by MOUTHFEEL

Measuring the marigolds have never sounded so sinister and eerie… yet pleasing… or at least a motley of transient confusion and questioning until in you fall for MOUTHFEEL’s sonar. MOUTHFEEL smack their lips together to cover this Sesame Street tune with their electronic dance punk juices. They are equipped with distorted guitar and tape loops, thumping bass guitar and drum machine, an exuberant synth and a deranged vocal treatment set to an array of monochrome, negative and colourized lofi video shots of the band performing the tune.

Check out their debut record, demonstration one, released by 3 Nines Compact Cassettes on Bandcamp.