“Reverse Waterfall / Cakefcker / Ratking (LIVE)” by Astrolope

Astrolope is manic dual synth/drum-operating scientist Paul Geldart, member of Other Families and Waxlimbs. He throws down his own coral reefs of vibrant electronica and cathartic drum kit hysteria, bursting his boiling point a few times, throughout this live session video of three intricate interconnect concoctions, cast under a geometric square halo. An impressionable sonorous beast, tilting on the fluid spectrum between Jekyll and Hyde, and so irresistibly captivating for it!


“Carte d’or” by Ellemetue

Montreal experimental electronic duo Ellemetue wanders us through their hypnotic
surreal darkened universe in the music video to “Carte d’or” off their 2018 album En pays lointains. Supernatural suspense penetrates this cinematic open-ended tale in which Ellemetue has collaborated with director Robert Morin. Set against coasting and representative synth loops and drum machines, wispy spoken singing and electronic glitched noise and soundscapes, weird ominous forest creatures populate the snow-covered forest, an epic guitar solo takes place on a frozen lake (but too hot to contain) and interstellar visions drifts by…