“Canoe Song” by Mounties

Woot! New Mounties (i.e. Hawksley Workman, Steve Bays and Ryan Dahle). “Canoe Song” finds them in playful, funky form and the stop-motion video is killer.


“Jenni” by Saxsyndrum

Saxsyndrum have experimental/groove leanings, using jazz as an underpinning. “Jenni” captures them heading into Radiohead territory, along with a ’90s underground visual tone.

“Peace Fight” by JOYFULTALK

Electronic duo JOYFULTALK’s dichotomous construct of sensually harmonious yet surreptitiously distorted music is advanced to a new level when emulated through this CGI animated work by Brandon Blommaert. Captivating futuristic dreamscapes revolve around high-fashion shoes, data discs and information monitors, all brilliantly detailed in evoking a construed reality… which plane is the simulation?

Upcoming Performance Dates:
April 10: Guelph, ON @ Kazoo! HQ (127 Woolwich St) – Kazoo! Fest 2019
April 25: Reykjavik, Iceland – Sonar Reykjavik 2019
May 2: San Fransisco, California – MUTEK San Fransisco 2019
May 4: Calgary, Alberta @ King Eddy YYC

Interview with DenMother

Interview by Mark Anthony Brennan

Sabarah Pilon records as DenMother. Her music is lyrical and personal. Performing with minimal electronic accompaniment, she creates airy, atmospheric sounds that keenly focus attention on her heart-felt words.

Originally from Ontario, Denmother now makes her home in Fredericton, NB.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 11.01.01 AM


When did DenMother start?

Since 2010 or 2011. I first started out as Orphan but I outgrew that project. There was a small label in Maryland I was working with and she had the name DenMother sitting there and kind of gifted to me. It worked really well because I felt the DenMother took care of the pet orphan aspect of it. So I morphed into it. 

Is DenMother about a certain style?

People always ask me what genre I play and I have no idea. We decided to go with electronic/vocal because I don’t know what else to call it. The feelings come through the words. I’m trying to explore and learn more about electronics, but it’s always been pretty minimal — my style. 

What are your plans?

I’ve never really set goals for it. Whatever comes to me, that’s what I’ll roll with. I’m playing more shows live, getting more comfortable with it. Every show is different. I act like every show I play is the last one. Because maybe it will be!

I’d like to do more visuals. With the album ‘Victoria’ I had a music video in mind for every song as I was writing it. So, that where I’d like to go and maybe incorporate those visuals live, but right now it’s just me, a microphone and a vocal pedal. That’s it. 

Is DenMother a separate persona?

For a while I tried to separate the two. DenMother was a character for a long time. Then I re-evaluated it and thought, “why am I hiding behind a character?” Do I not stand behind what I’m putting out there? So, I realized that I am DenMother. DenMother is Sabarah and Sabarah is DenMother.