“Blur” by Forever

Montreal artist June Moon records as Forever.  The featherlight pop is made all the more intriguing with downtempo grooves and hints of trip-hop.


Classic Track: ” Telstar” by The Tornados (1962)

Space-age surf in its glorious original form. Notably for its use of the clavioline (a pre-synth keyboard) and produced by the esteemed Joe Meek, the British hit “Telstar” topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, a feat that was almost unheard of until the arrival of The Beatles.


Ginger Lips – S/T (Stream)


Nate Mills, front kitten of Run With the Kittens has an ultra groovy new dream-pop side project with fellow Toronto songwriter Angie Hilts (Rucksack Willies). It flew under far too many radars this year but once you hear how they mix sublime melodies with Ween-esque sonic quirks, you won’t be able to shake their hooks.

“Caravan” by Ummagma

Ummagma (Alexander Kretov and Shauna McLarnon) release the exciting track “Caravan” ahead of an upcoming LP (their first in 7 years).

“Caravan is about a personal journey – one that begins in the mind before any borders have even been crossed,” says McLarnon. “The trip is so much better when you truly want to be part of it. You map your own destiny in many ways and dreaming is a great place to begin.”