“Caravan” by Ummagma

Ummagma (Alexander Kretov and Shauna McLarnon) release the exciting track “Caravan” ahead of an upcoming LP (their first in 7 years).

“Caravan is about a personal journey – one that begins in the mind before any borders have even been crossed,” says McLarnon. “The trip is so much better when you truly want to be part of it. You map your own destiny in many ways and dreaming is a great place to begin.”  


Interview with TETRIX

Mark Anthony Brennan chatted with Connorg and Pockett of TETRIX (Calgary).


Is TETRIX just the two of you?


My brother Krock is also in the band. The latest recorded stuff we’ve mostly been doing just the two of us because Krock is living out on Vancouver Island.


He still contributes to the band — he’ll send us stuff and we’ll use it. But for ‘Cassette Romance’, ‘Drugs in the Water’ and the latest one, its’s mainly Connorg and I. 


Yes. The accordion stuff is just Pockett and I.

When did you start as TETRIX?


We started playing together in 1992. We used to have a punk band called Quietus.  TETRIX started in 2001. There’s 17 albums. The first 14 albums were simply numbered: TETRIX 1, 2, 3, all the way up to 14. 

Your latest album ‘Drugs in the Water’ is quite dark.


I did all the lyrics, mainly. Sometimes my lyrics can take a dark side. But with that said it was made for people to think, especially about the state of the world . There a lot of things going on with your food sources, your water sources.

There is certainly a pervasive moodiness. Do you have that mood in mind when you creating the music?


It can be the mood you’re in. Maybe you have a vision or a thought from the previous day and you want to get that recorded. The “Drugs in the Water”, for example, was recorded in one day


All of the songs are from improv sessions. Pockett “improv”ed those lyrics based on his ideas, while I was “improv”ing the accordion. Then we edit and chop that down. So a lot of stream of consciousness comes out of that. 


And that can bring out the creepiness in the vibe that you were talking about.

What’s up next?


First we are going to make another album with accordion music. We’re still really enjoying it and have tons of ideas. We got some new equipment. We have some new drum machines and other stuff that sounds really nice with the accordion. 


We’ve already created five songs. So you can expect another album to be coming out in 2019 at some point. We have a lot of creative freedom. We’re not signed to a major label, we just do our own thing. It’s all self-released, so we have no pressure. No time-lines. We can just get in the studio and start recording. 

You’ve tried a variety of styles over the years.


We started out electronic but then we progressed through all sorts of genres. We came across the accordion and just loved the way that it sounds. It has this old-school feel, but also rich tones and over-tones

It has naturally eerie sound.


It does. Exactly. It’s an under-used sound. It complements really well with electronic drum machines.