“Baba Yaga” by Clara Engel

Clara Engel’s music is so personal that you feel like you are alone in a room and they are singing just to you. It’s minimalism infused with mystery and emotive weight.


“Let Us Go” by Pascale Project


Montreal electronic artist Pascale Project serves up great lashings of underground techno and house.

“I really wanted to make good club track,” she says, “I was listening to a lot to “The Watergate Files” by Kerri Chandler when I made it. I had written down the title way before making the track, so it had to be a powerful one, something that carries a message to the people when they’re dancing. It’s a reminder to yourself; don’t forget who you are and have a good time, just forget the outside world and enjoy this moment, respect yourself and everybody else.”


“Branndanbudr” by Nolan Hildebrand

An avant-garde work that impresses and implodes cognitive reason with its improvisational nature. Using a graphic score that is stylistically simply yet open to so much interpretation, Nolan Hildebrand plays processed cymbal, drum kit, live electronics and nose cues with bass clarinetist Kathryn Landano and pianist Glenn Buhr. Piano string glissandos, bass clarinet key clicks and multiphonics, and cymbal scraps are several of the colourful textural extended techniques used, climaxing at “GLITCH!” from which point the trio melts down and wreak the sonic plane. All these experimental details can be interpreted as the life of a malfunctioning electronic contraption.