“Monster – Live” by Anthems of the Void

Grab the mesmerizing beast by the horns and be propelled into experimental avant-rock spindrift of Anthems of the Void and their live incantation of “Monster” from the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity. Caylie Staples’ effected vocals are operatic starbursts next to the comets sailing forth from Geoff Gersh’s guitar, and Bradford Reed is the universal force that connects them all with his drums, electronics and his very own grand creation, the pencilina, an electric board zither!

Learn more about the pencilina here: http://pencilina.com/insts.html


“Purity I” by Galactic Symphony

Open yourselves to conscious thought and wonderings, inward and beyond… the 6-piece Galactic Symphony cultivate a blossoming of world fusion that transcend known mortal description. Eclectic instrumentation is handled to produce their orchestral bigger-than-life presence, including gongs, various singing bowls and pyramids, guitars, didgeridoo, native flutes, keyboards, percussion, tuning forks and light language/vocals. Mellow washes of reverent vibrations and spiced esoteric cosmic smears create cushioned malleable improvised mist and haze of slow-burning polished transformation and lingering vibrant sustain.

“Track 7” by Infinite Monotremes

Infinite Monotremes is a new Toronto-based improvisational experimental collective founded and helmed by drummer Curtis Whittaker, for the purpose of community building involving artists throughout the creative disciplines in live and recorded settings. Here is their seventh music video, an chilling soundtrack escapade over photo-negative collages of scenes from mid-twentieth century film noirs, edited by Evan Harkai.

Upcoming Performance Dates:
Aug 3: Toronto, ON @ The Array Space – Audiopollination 74 ft the infinite monotremes

“A Brief InnerMission” by Bāsal

Sporadic fascination! Here is the first music video from the new self-culminating music project by Peter Gorski. Juxtaposed with avant-garde disjunct rhythmic curvatures, atmospheric jazz harmony and instrumentation, symphonic electronic patterns of colouration and ambient mood shading, this instrumental work is accompanied by metamorphic fractal animation by Peter’s visual counterpart, Fractal Sound, an amorphous mushroom-sphere, a living organism and universe unto itself.

“A Brief InnerMission” will appear on the upcoming debut album by Bāsal, called Recursiv, to be released in Winter 2019.

“Dark Place (Black Water Mix)” by Wangled Teb

Wangled Teb reigns as the dark ambient electronic sovereign upon the waters who harnesses and reverts escaping sonic quivers and cavernous pulses into stroboscopic intense environments. A wondrous organic sense of romanticism and
constellatory evolution with a ominous feeling of desolation and mechanical drive… all congregate in the darkness that Wangled Teb has conceived…