“End of Days” by Church of Trees

Church of Trees (Bernard Frazer et al) with a track from their latest album ‘New Bold Dawn’. “End of Days” has a slinky beat and a cool, post-punk vibe, but it’s like the beautiful tip of huge, subversive iceberg.



Premiere: Sunshine Express – no_body

Who would be this century’s premiere maximalist post-vaporwave auteurs, dedicating their lives’ work to enriching and fascinating the hot-wired weirdos? Why it would be Sunshine Express! Sequentially jutting out in high-octane clockwork, they hold nothing down and out in this visual composite of their quaint frizzled audio message “no_body,” with supreme editor Jessica Chau Nguyen. Throughout this mad-hatter slideshow presentation, we are somersaulted through graphic image spasms and waves overlaying effected recordings digitally glitching through different dimensions of the same reality. Imagine being shaken and zoomed alongside flashy stark but lovely adorable extravagant objects in your chest of drawers! When you set this rambunctious scene with the soundtrack that is a vocoder-led voice on quilted pastures of synth-punk, alternative prog and vapourwave plunderphonics, you will either feel your jaw drop in astonishment or your brain shell-shocked in overload (maybe both?). There is no denying that this is a dearly crafted experience meant to puzzle, insight, excite and provoke!

Sunshine Express places themselves in the center of an existential quandary: Does the body rule the mind… Or does the mind rule the body? Asked to give us their thoughts, the band’s Propaganda Arm gave us this statement:

A music video can mean many things. This music video means everything.

Presented to the viewer is a haunting mixture of suburban ennui and Orwellian facial distortions. Questions are proffered and maybe we don’t want to know the answers. Is every action you take truly futile? Why do you get the feeling your friends are doing something without you? Was it your fault your parents got divorced?

Thoughts begin to swirl. A truth is staring you straight in the face and you’ve got no choice but to reckon with it. It’s dizzying and you feel sick. Is this really how it ends…

But suddenly you’re no longer watching a music video. Your eyes don’t ache from staring at screen for 6 hours. You’re neck isn’t that sore anymore. You can taste again! You’re floating. Within and outside of your self.

You’ve got no body and you are nobody. The screen still flashes but you’re mood is no longer dictated by the levels of blue light. You are in control. Breathe in. Breathe out. To detach from oneself is to detach from that which once had power over you.

Say “goodbye” to the unappreciated shady Lane. Say “hello” to something new.

“no_body” comes off Sunshine Express’ 2019 debut album, Blue Betrothal Bouquette. If you fancy these arranged collision of air particles, find the album and other releases by Sunshine Express on Bandcamp and other sonic plots in their Garden Marquette (ie. other music platforms)!

Aquarius Dreams – This Way

Henri Joseph sings to us so tenderly and romantically of past inward struggles and future flourishing hopes in this ballad of chill psychedelic dreamfolk. With a smooth golden voice of pathos and thought, the video depicts Joesph in a introspective soliloquy, shedding self-hindering baggage, letting his hair down, and moving to his true honest image.

“This Way” can be found on Aquarius Dreams’ Bandcamp.

Sea Noto – Part & Parcel

Sea Noto throws it down with quicksilver math guitar licks and pulverizing hardcore vocal spats in this ravaging split-fast tribute to protesting workers. It is based on the 1986 public sector strike in Newfoundland and Labrador. The chaos of protesters, brutality of police, and anguish for liberty and fairness of workers is reflected in this aggressive song.

For more information on Part & Parcel and other music by Sea Noto, check out their Bandcamp.