EP Premiere: “Ear Factory” by Purveyors of Free Will

Purveyors of Free Will (aka Mark Anthony Brennan) releases his first EP in 3 years. Although primarily an instrumental (electronic) affair, the lyrical content adds a personally expressive dimension to tracks such as “The Day My Sister Ran Into the Sea” and “My God Has No Memory”.

Album Premiere: “Victoria’s Secret 2021”

‘Victoria’s Secret 2021’ is another collection of true nuggets from Victoria’s wildly creative music scene.

“Music is nothing else but wild sounds civilized into time and tune.”
– Thomas Fuller

Features: Zane Coppard, THE HEX, Charl Cilders, Low Alamode (ft. Shädoe Zølie), Elura, Mar Mar & the Grits, Purveyors of Free Will, suffer fools, Winnie Richards, Jordan Koe, The Municipality, Lamedh, Shed Monkeys, Finley Rose.