householder – commonplace

Cosmic Americana is what householder plays from the heart. His folk guitar instrumental playing has a comforting pastoral essence that is honest, welcoming and warm. It is an antidote for strained and struggling times, reminding us that heightened expression and emotion can emerge through harmonious sounds of a single instrument.

The two-song release commonplace/escarpment country can be found on Bandcamp.

Tomita Minolta – Le Peuple des Mers

Submerge alongside this radioactive dark psychedelic drone work by Elie Madison, Jérémy Tremblay and Patrick Ramsay. Here we experience the exuberant aquatic spaces of sea-peoples, from formidable desolate plains, harmonious regal metropolis, and the shimmering trenches they inhabit. Listen for Tremblay’s heralding trumpet amongst the eerie and glorious synth ambiances that evolve effortlessly.

Le Peuple des Mers is available on Bandcamp through Sub River Record.

The Breaking English – Self Destructive Tendencies

The Breaking English family scrambles awake, creating hilarious mischief and races to make their studio recording time in their first-ever music video! Filmed across their hometown of Guelph, Self Destructive Tendencies is their soundtrack, a motivational indie pop rock chant on self-reflection on ones own doubts and perception, and to acknowledging them so as to work on rising up.

Self Destructive Tendencies is the third single released by The Breaking English. Their debut album dvandva will be released on April 24th 2020 on Bandcamp and other music services.

suffer fools – when i was a monster

Vancouver Island has a rising thrash trapgaze messiah on their hands: debbie debased as suffer fools. when i was a monster is their “apocalyptic glam rock acid flashback,” cross-stitching growling power-heavy guitar riffs and crackling pulsating beats together to contemplate their former self. Scenes of frightening creatures, screaming peoples and strange forms flash with rose-red splash waves to heighten the song’s intensity and theatricality.

This song appears on suffer fools’ third two-song release i’amaclicheblues // when i was a monster on Bandcamp. Their debut full-length album is planed for a 2020 release.

The Golden Age of Wrestling – Nevada

It is time for a fabulous shiny motor journey across the vast highways and into the desert with ‘Nevada’, the second single released by The Golden Age of Wrestling, the new electronic ambient sparkling gold persona for Vancouver queer electronica artist Jeff Cancade / Devours. Glambient is a ravishing description of what Jeff creates with this persona: mesmerizing gorgeous energized instrumental dream music.

Find the music of The Golden Age of Wrestling on Bandcamp.