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lcome to Irregular Dreams.

We are about Canadian music. Only Canadian. Alternative, strange, innovative. We feature current tracks, videos, interviews, and reviews.

So please dig in.  Your dreams will never be the same.


Mark Anthony Brennan (Victoria, BC):

Mark (aka Baffled Octopi) is a radio host at CFUV (UVic) as well as a musician/producer and a writer for Ride the Tempo and Exclaim. As a sci-fi writer he also has his geeky side (but he insists he’s not a nerd). Just do not feed him after midnight.

Scott Gray (Hamilton, ON):

Scott Gray is a sentient clump of borrowed particles with a severe addiction to atypical soundwaves. When not trawling the net for fresh vibrations while doing his “real” job (how do you think you get your copy of Exclaim! each month?), he makes music as The World Next Door, with Cursed Arrows, manages the tumultuous career of the mysterious Lunar Lemur, and writes/scores multi-media sci-fi satire comic, The Beard.

Jackie Stanley (Muskoka, ON):

Jacklyn Stanley is a widely unheralded writer and musician in the long running band, Cursed Arrows. She lives in a haunted house in Muskoka, Ontario and her new zine and accompanying podcast are due to launch on October 31st.


Clio Em (Vienna):

Clio Em is a composer, mezzo-soprano, multi-instrumentalist, and writer. She currently sings at Theater an der Wien, an opera house where Mozart and Beethoven worked during their lifetimes. She adores writing speculative fiction and often also composes sci-fi soundtracks to go with her stories. Read her fiction and other posts at:


Adam Cantor (Victoria, BC)

Adam Cantor – aka Generalgruff – is taking a break from his regular job as a pornographer and a weird artist to review other people’s music, and probably talk about outer space.

Nicholas Cooper (Guelph – Mississauga, ON)

Nicholas Cooper is the creator and master overseer of the Sentinel’s Marvellous Kaleidoscope (SMK), an eclectic music radio program at CFRU 93.3 FM / cfru.ca, Mondays from 3 to 5 PM EST, purveying inclusively progressive, fusion, alternative music and interviews.  In addition, Nicholas writes of a greater range of splendid sonic all-sorts for Ride the Tempo.

He is an eccentric bass clarinetist (multiphonics anyone?), a passionate physical album collector of vinyl and CDs (cassettes are pending), and is willing to explore and learn from new experiences… no matter how bizarre and obscure they are!



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