Premiere: ‘Victoria’s Secret 2019’ compilation album

And here it is. To quote from the album notes:

Behind the sombre granite blocks and snaked in between the rows of tourist shops and Starbucks lies a different Victoria. Raw, eclectic, nasty and beautiful. It’s the beating heart of the city’s alternative music scene — pounding in an effort to break through the ancient ribs of a quaint and reserved town. 

“Victoria’s Secret 2019” is just a sampling of what there is to discover. Check out all-new recordings by 12 artists who represent the insistent, creative spirit that lives beyond the towers of The Empress.

All-new music from High Arctic, Teenage Violets, Winnie Richards, L.L, Elura, The Hex, Purveyors of Free Will, Amy Rose Hamelin, Psychic Pollution, Always a Bad Thing, general gruff, Tremblers of Sevens.