Nicholas’ Personal Best of 2018 – Top 25 EPs

25. Abandoned Life.BC: Abandoned Life (self-released)

24. Fractal Cypher: Prelude To An Impending Outcome (self-released)

23. General Gruff X The Purveyors of Free Will: General Purv (Baffled Octopi Records)

22. Guitar PK: Closing Credits (GPK Recordings)

21. Night Verses: Copper Wasp (self-released)

20. BIRMANI: EP2 (Cuchabata Records)

19. Bastila: Genera (self-released)

18. BLVD NOIR: Ombres (self-released)

17. Shapes by HIGHPARK (Copper Sound Studio)

16. GURTH: Autophage (self-released)

15. Milhouse: Greatest Hits Vol II (self-released)

14. Kerrowood: The Colour Mood (self-released)

13. nehiyawak: Starlight (Arts & Crafts Productions)

12. Sweet Toothe: Sweet Toothe Debut EP (self-released)

11. Piines: The White Side (self-released)

10. Wangled Teb: Earth (Robot Hunter Records)

9. Too Attached: Angry (self-released)

8. Clara Engel: A Shore For From Any Prison (self-released)

7. That Joe Payne: What Is The World Coming To (self-released)

6. Darkroom: paradise yard (self-released)

5. Dru Jacey: There it was; where it goes – DEMO (self-released)

4. Edelveiss: Skull | Jaw | Hook (self-released)

3. Future Peers: I’m Sorry (Garment District Records)

2. Devouring Saturn: Of Light | Of Dark (self-released)

1. Ostrich Bouquet: Perennial (self-released)

Honourable Mentions:
Dead Tooth: Still Beats (Five Kill Records) | Fog Lake: carousel (self-released) | Fusilier: Duty (Brassland) | Jarouse: My Aggression (self-released) | Jaunt: Cue (self-released) | Mythless: Patience Hell (Joyful Noise Recordings) | Pantomime: Cosmic Joke (self-released)

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