Nicholas’ Personal Best of 2018 – Top 10 Videos

10. “Lucid Dream” by Hello Moth and Glass Apple Bonzai

9. “Emperor Bespoke” by Gazpacho

8. “Glue” by Midas Fall

7. “Poisonous Kiss” by Archipelago

6. “Mercury” by Other Families

5. “This Is Living (feat. Nick Johnston)” by AfterWake

4. “Tombeau de robot” by Renard Blanc

3. “Odyssey 88” by MICROPANiK

2. “Waited Long Enough” by VERSA

1. “Madonna Trash” by Future Peers

Honourable Mentions:
“420” by Baby Labour | “A Way to Escape” by Marc Durkee | “Filthy Shreds of Forgotten Thoughts” by General Gruff X The Purveyors of Free Will | “5/4 (from Ocean Sounds)” by Iamthemorning | “Head Boy” by Luge | “(I’m tired of) Western Shouting” by MIEN | “They Fade” by Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungly | “The Adulthood Lie” by The Tangent | “King” by TesseracT