Baffled Octopi’s Top 25 Canadian Albums of 2018


25. “It Will Come to You” by ACTORS

24. “Pure Pain” by Shirley & the Pyramids

23. “Trespasser” by Art d’Ecco

22. “Have a New Name” by Wax Mannequin

21. “Lightbringer” by Still Fools

20. “Queller” by Ivory Towers

19. “Fever Feel” by Fever Feel

18. “Aleppo” by Tremblers of Sevens

17. “Patient Problems” by Problem Patient

16. “The Golden Octave” by Witch Prophet

15. “Lush Life” by Bonjay

14. “Angels of Death” by Jennifer Castle

13. “Heart Shaped Bed” by Nicole Dollanganger

12. “Bird/Alien” by Wallgrin

11. “Into the Sun” by Freak Dream

10. “Basic Behaviour” by Frigs

9. “Monkey Paw” by Phono Pony

8. “Puff LP: In the air without a shape” by Bernice

7. “Rebirth” by Cursed Arrows

6. “Cotton Candy Jet Engine” by Expanda Fuzz

5. “Strange Prison” by Astral Swans

4. “Montreal” by Elizabeth Shepherd

3. “Drugs in the Water” by TETRIX

2. “Trade Winds” by Hello Blue Roses

1. “Cuntrol+Z” by Claude l’Anthrope


(Baffled Octopi = Mark Anthony Brennan)