Tikkun Olam – World Ov Light

Lauded experimental instrumentalist extraordinaire Colin Fisher (I Have Eaten the City, Caribou, Sing that Yell that Spell) has formally teamed up with talented photographer and electronic composer Ilyse Krivel for their debut as Tikkun Olam. The sounds they concoct together are a heady sonic stew of spirit-stirring jazz saxophone and groovy guitar phrases mixed with psychedelic synths, subtle sound design and detailed beat programming that draws from a myriad of rhythmic and textural influences.

Check out the beautiful and strange album/lengthy EP below and don’t miss “Ion” or “Daughter of the Moon” on your listening adventure.

D-Sisive – Tell Me (Video)

One of the greatest rappers of all time dropped this impactful comeback single back in late May as part of the docuseries “Cypher”, which discusses the difficult topic of mental health through the medium of music. D-Sisive eloquently and insightfully rhymes about depression, addiction and his six year absence from creating music with his measured flow and natural storytelling charisma. It’s emotionally heavy, it’s clever, and yes, it bops.

Irregular Dreams’ Top Songs of the Week (July 4)

  1. Status/Non-status “Genocidio”


2. Mendozza “Two Lane Blacktop”

3. The Dayfather “Monogamy and Me”


4. Finley Rose “Hummingbird”

5. Sugarwash “White Picket Fence Puppet”

6. Century Egg “Do You Want to Dance?”


7. Dana Sipos “Light Around the Body”


8. Anteater Eater “Josh Was a Teenage Hand Model”

9. Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band “Ancient Chain”


10. Body Breaks “Eyes to Brightness”